China Jeans Manufacturers: How to Find the Right Jeans Factory

Lots of clothing business owners locate themselves hitting a brick wall surface when it arrives time to really source denim jeans products. Whether you anticipate making one thing of your personal or even finding vendors to acquire coming from wholesale, good denim items may not be regularly effortless to locate. in this post you can learn some knowledge about how to pick the right jeans manufacturer in China. so let's start right now.
Top Wholesale Custom Jeans Manufacturers in China

How to Find China Jeans Manufacturers? If you’ve been thinking of beginning a denim business, you might have brainstormed some tips of your own, like taking advantage of some of a lot of popular denim jeans styles already on the marketplace. However likely, you still have questions.

How do find China jeans manufacturers for your denim business? Is it much better to team up with the right jeans manufacturers, How perform I recognize if a denim jeans supplier is legit?

Lots of clothing business owners locate themselves hitting a brick wall surface when it arrives time to really source denim jeans products.

Whether you anticipate making one thing of your personal or even finding vendors to acquire coming from wholesale, good denim items may not be regularly effortless to locate.

in this post, you can learn some knowledge about how to pick the right jeans manufacturer in China. so let’s start right now.

Where to find China Jeans manufacturers

There are actually different channels for you to opt for coming from when it happens to find China jeans manufacturers.

You can easily decide on the very most appropriate way based on your service.

Trade Show

It is actually a preferred means to attend Chinese fairs if you possess enough time and also a spending plan.

At exhibitions, you can easily possess a direct talk with China denim jeans suppliers, which is helpful for you to determine whether the vendor may meet your demands well.

Generally, the suppliers attending exhibitions are actually seasoned, and also you can find a lot of denim jeans factories that do not possess a shopping shop on online systems.

China Jeans Manufacturers for wholesale, Best Denim Jeans Factory From China

Canton fair reasonable is actually the best suggested one, and it will certainly be actually held two times annually.

It includes 3 periods every opportunity, China custom jeans suppliers will certainly attend the decent on the third period, generally every May as well as November.


Alibaba is among the most extensive B2B e-commerce marketplace in China. You may buy several denim jeans in the marketplace at an extremely competitive rate.

Top Jeans Manufacturers in China

Alibaba is actually an excellent location if you want to find top custom jeans manufacturers in China.

There are actually also a lot of investing businesses on Alibaba, which may state they’re denim jeans factories.

You should discover to determine all of them. Listed here are actually two answers to inspect whether the denim jeans vendor is actually a denim jeans factory or an investor.

To begin with, if you find a supplier that merely pays attention to a specific group, then it is a denim jeans supplier.

Besides, lots of jeans manufacturers on the marketplace usually will set a high minimum order quantity to assure their benefit.

While denim jeans vendors would set a low minimum order quantity to get more denim orders

China Local Wholesale Markets

If you’re in China, you may go to the clothes commercial collections.

I’ve offered the area of commercial sets and their concentrated category in the final chapter. you may decide on the one you require.

Besides, regardless of exploring the wholesale jeans factories directly, you can additionally discover a lot of retail markets in the commercial bunches.

The most extensive wholesale jeans markets in China are actually mainly in Guangdong. Guangzhou garment markets are actually the absolute most largest-scale and famous in China.

Lots of denim jeans distributors on clothes markets in various other cities are additionally sourcing coming from all of them.

China Low MOQ Jeans Manufacturers and wholesale jeans suppliers

How to Custom Jeans from Top Jeans Manufacturers in China

There are actually mainly phases to custom as well as private tag jeans from China jeans manufacturers:

Communicate concepts or deliver your jeans samples

Inform your modification needs for clothing to several distributors( at the very least 2-3 vendors) or even present them with your jeans sample.

If you can not form the design manuscript, you can send the modified clothes’ photo to the China apparel supplier straight.

Affirm the information and acquire a free quote

Interact along with manufacturing facilities regarding the outfits information, and at that point select the absolute most ideal one to accept according to their estimate, communication, and so on.

Make a pre-production denim sample

After you opt for the right factory, the denim jeans factory near me will definitely send out an example for you to inspect the trend and components.

Generally, the China Denim Jeans supplier near me will charge the costs for the sample. And also after you arrange an order, the sample cost will certainly be actually refunded.

Bulk Denim Production

At that point, the manufacturer will resource the needed clothes and also materials of apparel and start the automation.

Quality Control & set up shipment

After ending up the mass development, the QA, as well as QC staff of the right denim jeans factory, will definitely do check the sewing, material manufacturing, trims, etc.

How to Find Jeans Manufacturers in China for Your Clothing Brand?

It’s certainly not wise for your clothing brand to work with denim jeans manufacturers.

Although working with top jeans manufacturers in China is excellent specifically when you wish to custom jeans depending on to your requirement, there are still some marks against one. The biggest downside is the high minimum order quantity.

The denim jeans factories in China require to set a high minimum order quantity to cover their denim production cost, which will let you commit more funds in the beginning.

Moreover, you can not judge whether the clothing you sell will get an energetic market response at very first. Under such instances, if you save many garments, you are going to need to perform the risk of the sale.

Therefore, working together with jeans manufacturers is actually fairly extra suited for those expanding organizations or even fully grown organizations.

The wise way for your clothing brand or even business is actually to coordinate along with denim jeans vendors or go down ship coming from China in the beginning.

Besides, you may assess the marketplace reaction by means of a small amount of denim clothing without massive assets as well as fund financial investment.

With the progression of your service, you may opt to coordinate along with an expert Chinese jeans supplier for wholesale, which is advantageous to your lasting company.

How to Purchase Low-Quantity From China Low MOQ Jeans Manufacturers?

The majority of low-quantity customers choose to find China Low MOQ jeans manufacturers online to save costs.

Really, several purchasers with much larger services almost never source denim jeans happening to China. they generally tap the services of an agent in China to aid them to handle the supplying establishment.

Hence, it’s far better to resources online if you merely need to have little amounts. Besides, a large or even medium-scale denim jeans supplier near me just take big purchase to make certain profits.

On the other hand, small jeans factory groups may have a Low MOQ and also can create according to clients’ requirements.

However, during that situation, the prices of the denim clothing will certainly be a lot greater or the quality can not hit your criteria.

Therefore, you can simply find Low MOQ jeans manufacturers in China to purchase low quantities but you need to have to pay additional cash or even be actually cautious of the item’s high quality.

Therefore why the expense of acquiring tiny amounts of denim clothing is actually considerably higher? That’s given that the right factory requires to take into consideration the prices of effort as well as materials.

For case, the denim jeans factory near me needs to have to resource the needed components like zippers as well as buttons from material manufacturing facilities.

As well as these component denim jeans factories additionally set a MOQ. The rest components will certainly be squandered if the right factory can’t make use of these components.

There are actually 2 common techniques– needlework as well as display screen printing

if you desire to locate manufacturers of private tag jeans as well as imprint a company logo on denim jeans clothing. The rates of refining the denim jeans are going to be various if your order is actually little.

The majority of low-quantity buyers prefer to find China Low MOQ jeans manufacturers online to save costs.

Hence, it is actually far better to resources online if you just need low quantity. The rates of refining the denim jeans will be actually various if your order is little.

Producing a part of denim jeans will definitely have a higher price along with a low quantity.

How to Wholesale Jeans From Best Jeans Manufacturers in China

China jeans manufacturers don’t keep products in inventory. Instead, they deliver creation as an ‘on-demand’ service.

Some jeans suppliers don’t also maintain materials, zippers, as well as some other elements in inventory– however acquire components as needed, for every brand new order that can be found in.

The only exemption is items created in the local market. Some Chinese fabrics providers create their very own items for their very own local markets.

The “issue”, for foreign international merchants at the very least, is that ‘white label jeans’ are actually certainly not labeled depending on United States, EU, or even Australian textiles labeling demands.

As an outcome, importing retail clothes is actually not also an option for the majority of foreign buyers.

Why are actually international merchants still fascinated by denim jeans wholesalers?

The cause is actually that jeans manufacturers possess a MOQ policy, while wholesalers don’t.

Listing of Top 18 Jeans Manufacturers in China

Below we provide some China custom jeans manufacturers for wholesale.

If you desire to understand whether they’re excellent denim jeans providers for you, you still need to communicate with them on your personal to find out about their real scenario.

The absolute most significant factor for you is to learn just how to handle the above concerns rather than merely concentrate on searching for a China denim jeans manufacturer list.



JUAJEANS is an excellent custom jeans manufacturer and denim jeans factory in China, which was established in 2012, to manufacture women’s jeans, men’s jeans, kid jeans, and other denim style garments.

they have more than 480 experienced employees in the supplier near me for denim jeans manufacturing. 300 mechanized stitching machines of computer, 100 specialty mechanical equipment. monthly production capacity 100,000pcs.

with years of experience in the denim jeans business, we have a perfect supply chain in fabric sourcing and development, accessories & trims development, and production manufacturing.

2 ARLISMAN Denim Jeans Factory China


ARLISMAN Denim Jeans Factory was founded in 1999, it was situated in SHAXI, ZHONGSHAN – the capital of Chinese clothing.

TALISMAN is a typical denim jeans supplier near me that provided denim customization, denim jeans processing, and mapping service.

After many years of development, the right factory formed a rigorous production system and a strict quality control system.

Gradually they attracted the attention of famous clothing brands. TALISMAN built a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with multiple retailers and agents.

3 Cunzhuang Clothing Co., Ltd

Source: Cunzhuang Clothing

Cunzhuang Clothing Co., Ltd is a leading wholesale jeans supplier near me as well as a provider in China, The Company has specialized in denim jeans wholesaling and manufacturing for over 10 years.

They own a jeans factory of more than 100 workers with a monthly capacity of 60000-70000 pieces.

They supply good quality and fashionable jeans wear at a cheap price. 

Cunzhuang Clothing can do a full range of denim wear. Come on feel free to consult with us.

4 Kingseer

Source: Kingseer

Kingseer is a large-scale denim jeans supplier also manufacturer in China, which is engaged in designing, developing, producing, and processing extensive lines of clothing.

The company has been in the denim business for over 30 years. They had been widely recognized by their customers from South America, North America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Oceania, Western Europe, Africa, and Oceania. Kingseer is providing all kinds of denim clothing for any occasion.


QUIANGSHENG GARMENT CO., LTD is sited in the North part of China. as professional Denim jeans factory in China,

Their best denim jeans factory near me is developing steadily in cotton clothes, especially cotton jeans for CIS. The company is the leader in the business and supplies products in all over the world. Additionally, they can also produce products according to customers’ requirements.

6 Sun Hoi Garments International Ltd

Source: Sun Hoi

Sun Hoi is a family business that strongly believes that traditions are fundamental and involved in all areas of the business.

They valued high-quality standards, customer satisfaction, and corporate responsibility within their whole business. This company is known for its excellent craftsmanship, innovative designs in washing, and a touch of luxury, which leads to producing a lot of the best sellers in their customers’ stores.

7 Jindingzhi Garment Co., Ltd

Jindingzhi Garment Co., Ltd is specializing in customized casual pants and jeans.

This factory is popular for high-end customizing services. Since established in 2003, they are developed and evolved into a private service for jeans, casual pants, suits, and other clothing.

Thus, they offer cotton cloth, sheepskin, zippers, and other accessories.  GNDZ built good relations with fabric suppliers in Taiwan, Turkey, Japan, and other countries and regions in Europe.



Located at He Dong Road, Li Wan District Guangzhou, Zip 510380, China.

The Company is operated by a group of passionate people, they provide distinctive styling and the best ever quality product to give a unique experience to customers, rather than just being a simple cloth sewing machine.

They are a denim jeans manufacturer and mainly focuses on producing premium-quality jeans. And most of their customers are clothing brands from Europe, the USA, and AUSTRALIA.

9 Juxin Garment Group Limited

Juxin Garment Group Limited was founded in 2004 in Foshan. This denim jeans factory near me manufactures apparel for girls and boys at fair prices and great quality.

They are providing business for private label services, OEM, and CMT.

The company proudly produces products with high-tech washes such as softener washing, bleach, acid, stones, sands, and enzymes. With 14+ years of experience in the industry,

they are able to offer good quality and on-time delivery.

10 Suntex (Xin Dajiang) Denim Jeans Factory

Since 1988, this best denim jeans supplier in China has had excellent denim clothes experience and skills.

Suntex (Xin Dajiang) Denim Jeans Manufacturer and Supplier passed ISO9001: 2008 (SGS) certifications.

This company is located in Xintang Town, Zengcheng, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.

Specializing in the production of cotton, knitting, woven denim, and casual apparel, the company took the lead in the domestic and foreign markets.

11 Sunshiny

Sunshiny has more than 10 years of experience in the women’s wear industry.

They are specializing in all kinds of ladies’ wear including sweater jeans, knitted tops, dresses, cardigans, and pants.

The company has 400 workers and advanced production equipment to make the best quality garments. Guangzhou Sunshiny has total output reached 5 million pieces every year.

12 Wingfly Textile Co., Ltd

Source: Wingfly

Wingfly Textile Co., Ltd is specializing in premium-quality denim fabric and related final products. This company is eager to develop new products based on customers’ requirements.

With professional knowledge in the field, Wingfly Textile Co., Ltd offers outstanding services.

Focusing on serving worldwide markets, the company is able to supply 400,000 yards in a month.

13 Prosperity Textiles

Founded in 1999, Prosperity Textiles is located in Shaoguan, which is an area popular for its rivers, forests, and mountains.

The company has 1,300 employees and around 20 offices across the world.

They have global production capabilities to ship products in 30+ countries. Prosperity Textiles is helping 3,000 plus global clients.

14 Maya Garment Co., Limited

Source: Maya Jeans

Maya Garment Co., Limited was established in 2011. They manufactured and exported quality pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, vests, jackets, and many more.

After many years of working and developing their company, there are now 150 workers, and their monthly capacity arrives at 80000-100000 pieces.

As a professional denim garment factory, they get the Research & Development Department, Sample-working Department, Merchandiser Department, Washing Department, Quality  Control Department, Trimming & Packing Department, and Dependent Foreign Trade Department.

They can also offer all kinds of denim washings, including garments, bleach, stone, acid, etc.

15 Benxu Clothing Co. Ltd

Benxu Clothing Co., Ltd is a clothing company serving more than 50 countries. The company is selling products worldwide, in return aim praised by their customers.

Wherever you came from, whether you are a retailer or wholesaler, Benxu Clothing offers the same price. They provide very speed service at wholesale prices.

16 Savvy Garments

Headquartered located in Hangzhou, Savvy Garments specializes in different sorts of garments. Aside from the main office, this China denim jeans manufacturer has 2 other factories.

The one factory focused on the woven denim clothing, the other one on circular knit garments.

This company has more than 15 years of running the business they are great for making basic and complicated styles.

Savvy Garments built good relations with international brands and retailers with high standards.

17 Fly Jeans Garment Co., Ltd

Source: Fly Jeans

Fly Jeans Garments Co., Ltd is situated in Junan Town, Guangdong, China. That town it is located is one of the most well-known jeans production based in the province.

This professional China denim jeans manufacturer is engaged in denim garments design, development, and manufacturing.

It has 86 employees and workshop machines to develop all kinds of woven cloth. The company has an annual production capacity of 0.7+ million pieces of clothes.

18 Zhongyong Industrial Co., Ltd

Zhongyong Industrial Co., Ltd starts the business in the early 2000s. Through the years, the company developed into a large company specializing in boys, girls, adults, and denim clothes.

They are exporting products to foreign countries. This company is located in Shishi, Fujian Province, with 200+ workers. The company has a professional staff that is good at English.


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