The Trusted Supply Chain

JUAJEANS has a great supply chain to support denim clothing manufacturing. are these fabrics and trims suppliers who have cooperated for many years. No matter how big the order is or how many the quantity is. We can all take it easy

supply chain from fabric supplier

Expert Fabric Suppliers

The expert denim fabric suppliers can make you get twice the result with half the effort, At present, our certified denim fabric suppliers can meet 85% of our fabric needs. Of course, all the denim fabrics will be double-checked before denim jeans manufacturing.

These expert denim fabric suppliers will also keep close contact with us and develop new fabric styles according to demand and trends to ensure that they keep pace with the international market

In addition to the existing denim fabric suppliers, we will also go to the largest fabric market in China for fabric sourcing according to the customers’ special fabric needs

Best Trims Suppliers

A denim product contains many trims, such as zippers, main labels, washing labels, leather patches, cards, plastic bags, belts, buttons, buckles, and cartons. these trims are attached to the brand attributes by customer needs, so the accessories are mainly customized.

Therefore, we have cooperative best trims suppliers to supply, so as to ensure that we can provide custom service according to the specific requirements of customers for trims, so as to better match these trims with the denim clothing products

Trims from Supply chain

Contact JUAJEANS now, We can refresh your denim line

Embroidery service from Supply chain

Top Print & Embroidery Manufacturer

For customers’ print and embroidery needs, and display customers’ logos or designs through customized top print & embroidery manufacturer. Our supplier is a one-stop solution for Custom Embroidered clothing. 

Whether it is custom-made jeans or denim jackets embroidered with your company’s logo, our print & embroidery manufacturer can meet customers’ requirements for garment customization. We provide the perfect embroidery service for your clothing brand. 

Our professional team will provide you with the best-embroidered clothing design at affordable prices in a short time and provide extensive support.

Professional Dyeing & Washing Plant

Our professional dyeing & washing plant is carried out in accordance with global standards to ensure that it is safe for human beings and harmless to the environment. It has ISO certificates and has a specialized laboratory to test the color shade and anti-decolorization test of dyed fabrics

Print & Washing Plant from Supply Chain

It is precisely due to the perfect supply chain.

JUAJEANS has a strong denim clothing product development capability and comprehensive competitive strength that we can better meet customers’ growing demand for products and provide better production services.

After so many years of testing, we have become a first-class jeans supplier.

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