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JUAJEANS is an excellent denim jeans factory from China, which was established in 2012, to manufacture women’s jeans, men’s jeans, kid jeans, and other denim style garments.

we have more than 480 experienced employees in our factory for denim jeans manufacturing. 300 mechanized stitching machines of computer, 100 specialty mechanical equipment. monthly production capacity 100,000pcs.

with years of experience in the denim jeans business, we have a perfect supply chain in fabric sourcing and development, accessories & trims development, and production manufacturing.

Wholesale Denim Jeans

JUAJEANS is the best wholesale denim jeans factory in China, manufacturing, and exporting denim jackets, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, distressed jeans, mom jeans, jeggings, flare denim, bootcut jeans, high waisted jeans, ripped jeans, white jeans, black jeans, PU jeans, denim shorts, denim clothing, and other denim jeans styles garment. 

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Private Label Denim Jeans

as a China premier private label denim jeans factory. JUAJEANS (Zhongtang Jimi Clothing Firm) already have supplied denim jeans clothing to more than 1,000 denim buyers around the world, such as private label, wholesale and fast fashion brand. 

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Denim Jeans Production - JUAJEANS

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Fabric Sourcing

  1. Receive the denim jeans sample fabric from the buyer, study it.
  2. Taking it to fabric market for sourcing 
  3. According to denim fabric sample color elasticity or no, gram weight. we choose some matched fabrics from the market.
  4. take this fabric to the washing room, then we can get shrinkage rate, so we send these fabric swatches to the customer for approval

Pattern Making

  1. After denim fabric got approved, we take fabric bulk back to the factory
  2. to double-check the fabric shrinkage rate accuracy, because this way can make ensure the jeans production size perfect.
  3. inform pattern room, according to this shrinkage rate, the pattern master will draw a pattern for production ASAP.
  4. They will send the pattern to the manufacturing department 
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Fabric Cutting

  1. Received the pattern, manufacturing department will arrange a meeting with the cutting group, sewing group, and inline QC. Emphasis production process & schedule time.
  2. Denim fabric will be put on the cutting board for cutting.
  3. a few hours later, these fabric panels will appear in the stitching workshop for stitching

Sewing Process

  1. Now denim jeans stitching process begins.
  2. Stitching of front and back pocket panel, zip fly, front rise, back rise, front panel, back panel, hem, waist, and belt loop.
  3. During the denim jeans production process, in-line QC will check stitching quality make sure bulks match the approved samples.
  4. After finish, the Stitching will send bulks to the washing room for washing.
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denim jeans washingroom JUAJEANS

Washing Process

  1. After receiving denim jeans bulks and the original sample, the washing room will arrange to wash some pieces immediately for approval
  2. Get approval, the washing room will arrange a meeting to mention washing color, washing quality, and tech. 
  3. Regarding the washing type and craftsmanship depend on the approved sample and customer’s requirements.
  4. During the drying, be aware of the temperature impact jeans’ size.

Checking & Packing

  1. Packing room received this bulk, will arrange punching button for denim jeans bulk
  2. Denim jeans ironing
  3. Cutting threads and final quality checking for denim jeans bulks
  4. Denim jeans packing and making a packing list.
  5. Merchandiser get this packing list,  send it along with the invoice to the customer for shipping confirmation


China Denim Jeans are exported to the overseas market.  three popular shipping ways as below:

  1. Air shipping way, fast but expensive
  2. Sea shipping way, slow but cheap
  3. China-Europe Railway Express, this shipping way just fit for the European market. and fast than Sea shipping, the shipping cost also affordable. 
  4. any shipping way depend on customer needs

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With 10 years of denim jeans manufacturing experience, JUAJEANS has a set of production, sales, and export as one denim jeans enterprise


We already have supplied and manufactured denim jeans clothing to more than 1,000 customers, now many of them are million dollars, online sellers


As an excellent denim jeans manufacturer and denim jeans factory, our service team offer you the best quality and services with strict service system


Modern production equipment and perfect quality control system, with high quality denim jeans clothing get the trust from denim buyers

The Founder

Jimmy Wu, the founder of JUAJEANS.COM, He is engaged in the denim jeans business for many years, with rich experience in denim fabric, sample development, denim jeans manufacturing, and washing.

He built this company in 2012, is committed to the development and maintenance of the international market, very aware of the real needs of European and American denim jeans buyers.

Already have supplied and manufactured denim jeans clothing to more than 1,000 customers, such as private label, wholesale and fast fashion brand, helping them enrich the denim line. 



Contact: Jimmy Wu

Cell/WhatsApp: +8615820208308

Address:  Room4C702, district B, Guandukeyuan, Zhenxing road, Zhongtang town, Dongguan city, China – 523220

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