Full Package Jeans Supplier Made In China

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Full Package Jeans Supplier Made In China: as a professional jeans manufacturer in China, JUAJEANS provides full package denim jeans manufacturing services for garments to businesses that specialize in private labels as well as to startups who are just beginning to develop their brands
Full Package Jeans Supplier Made In China

Full Package Jeans Supplier Made In China: Not only does JUAJEANS provide dyeing and washing services, but the company also provides full package and private label production services. We are capable of developing new products, creating patterns and grading them, creating markers and charting them, cutting, stitching, washing, and completing products. We are able to manage the full package of making OEM jeans, in addition to being able to accommodate any aspect of the denim and jeans production process. Although producing jeans is our primary focus, we are also able to produce other bottoms and tops, including shorts, skirts, shirts, and jackets, among other things. We are pleased to say that our denim jeans are made in China.

  • Full Package Jeans Supplier Made In China: Our offerings are geared toward start-up businesses and established denim clothing businesses that are interested in expanding into denim, independent designers, boutique stores, retail chains, celebrity movie studios, and retail chains.
  • Pricing that is competitive
  • Washing and dying did in-house
  • Adding “Made in China” to your product can add value.
  • Rapid turnaround for both production samples and the main batch
  • There is no need to be concerned about export documentation or duties.
  • Counts among its clients some of the most reputable names in the sector
  • Quality control of new inventions and limited manufacturing carried out in-house
  • Low MOQ
  • Open Monday – Sunday
  • Convenient online payments
  • Simple exportation to the markets of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Experience in a variety of garment structures
  • Simply get in touch with us by sending an email or giving us a call.
  • Extensive contact list for a range of unique services

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Full Package Jeans Supplier Made In China – JUAJEANS

Denim Jeans Manufacturing

We are able to assist you in bringing your concepts and drafts to fruition as finished items. We are able to assist you to select your fabric, designing a pattern, cutting a sample, sewing a sample, and consulting on washing and dying processes. These full package services are all available to you through our company.

Fabric Sourcing – We have a comprehensive network of connections where you can source anything from stretch to non-stretch fabrics, black denim to organic textiles, selvage to PFD fabrics, and dark to bright fabrics. We are able to obtain fabric from any location that you specify.

Making Patterns and Adjusting Existing Patterns – We create our own patterns in-house and have expertise working with a wide variety of architectures. We are able to create a design based on an existing pattern, employ measurement parameters, or make alterations to an existing pattern that you provide.

Sample Cut – In our cutting room, we are able to cut textiles of varying weights, including heavy and light. We have the knowledge and the abilities necessary to conduct precise cutting of any fabric, including denim and jersey cloth.

Sewing Samples – Some of our sample makers have more than 15 years of expertise, which enables us to sew a wide range of samples using a variety of materials and in a number of designs.

Wash Development We feel that the wash development that we have is our most significant edge over our competitors. We are able to duplicate designs or generate brand-new ones. We keep a close eye on current fashion trends and are continually developing new washes.

Testing for Shrinkage – In contrast to other businesses, we do not charge a fee for shrinkage testing. The development of the product already includes the expense of this. Because we are in charge of our own laundry, we are able to ensure that the temperature of the water and the dryers remain stable throughout the whole process. This allows us to produce garments that are a perfect fit.

Pattern Creation, Grading, and Markers

The pattern sizes range from toddler to children to junior to contemporary to missy to women to maternity to petite to big to tall.

Pattern Fabrics – We have previous experience working with a wide variety of fabric types, including denim, corduroy, knits, french terry, chiffon, and satin, amongst others.

Pattern Styles include things like Jeans, Jackets, Shirts, Skirts, Shorts, and Cargo, among other things.

Pattern Digitization We digitize our designs to verify their correctness. This not only makes them easily transportable but also allows us to save them for potential future usage.

Pattern Grading The pattern grading process has also been computerized to ensure uniformity while you are either expanding or contracting your master pattern.

Marker Plotting: In order to increase production, limit the cost of materials, and minimize the amount of work required, we plot pattern components using cutting-edge equipment.

Cut and Sew Manufacturing

Top Cut And Sew Jeans Manufacturers Offer Cut and Sew Denim Jeans Manufacturing, Best Custom Made Jeans Factory & Supplier
Top Cut And Sew Jeans Manufacturers

JUAJEANS offers the best quality cut and sew denim jeans manufacturing

We have previous expertise cutting a wide variety of fabrics, such as denim, chambray, corduroy, velveteen, linen, canvas, and many more.

A diverse selection of machinery is offered, ranging from single-needle to fully automated pocket machines.

The quality control inspection of the sewing is ongoing so that we can guarantee uniformity.

Because we work with a variety of contractors that specialize in sewing, we do not set a minimum for the number of items that may be produced.

Highly skilled seamstresses who work continuously on high-end premium jeans

The process of washing and dying

Control of the washing and dying processes’ quality in-house

A background in working with a variety of dyes, including pigment, distress, reactive, and direct.

Extensive knowledge and expertise in a variety of dry processing techniques, including whiskers, hand sanding, chevrons, destruction, and grinding.

Over ten years of experience washing vehicles

In order to preserve sustainability, environmentally responsible technology and procedures that conserve water, gas, and power are essential.

Finishing and Delivery

The placement of buttons, rivets, hang tags, labels, joker tags, and pocket flashers are all part of the finishing services that are available.

In the finishing process, defects in the stitching, such as broken stitches and damaged buttons, as well as defects in the fabric, such as holes, stains, and trimming, are inspected.

Depending on the preferences of the individual consumer, the products might be packaged in poly bags, folded, boxed, or hung up.

Shipping can be prepared in boxes with pre-packed sizes, sizes that can be picked and packaged to send to several retailers, or bulk deliveries, in which the client is responsible for shipping to multiple customers.


Full Package Jeans Supplier Made In China: as a professional jeans manufacturer in China, JUAJEANS provides full package denim jeans manufacturing services for garments to businesses that specialize in private labels as well as to startups who are just beginning to develop their brands. We will handle the manufacturing of your product so that you can concentrate on marketing and selling it instead. if you are looking for jeans manufacturers in China for your denim line, JUAJEANS is the best choice for you. Contact us for your order now!

Jimmy Wu

Jimmy Wu

Hi, I'm Jimmy Wu from China, the owner of juajeans.com, I've been running the denim jeans manufacturer that supplies and manufactures denim jeans for 10 years now. and purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to denim jeans clothing from a Chinese supplier's perspective

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