How Can I Make My Jeans Durable?

Since everyone wears jeans today, everyone also has some favorite, best fit pair of jeans that one does not want to lose soon. 

Jeans were originally invented in 1873 by the duo of Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. The primary idea behind jeans was durability. This is also the reason that jeans as a pair of pants have become excessively popular among the public. Today all strata of our society can be seen wearing jeans. Even gender is no hurdle in the way. Jeans as a pair of pants are equally popular among men as well as women.  Jeans add a unique and energetic appeal to the wearer. It would be hard for you to imagine a boring person wearing a dynamic pair of jeans. 

Only a stylish and lively person can carry jeans. Moreover, jeans, despite their high fashion value, are extremely effortless to style. In fact, you can carry a pair of jeans with almost anything, and still, it would look really impressive.

Since everyone wears jeans today, everyone also has some favorite, best-fit pair of jeans that one does not want to lose soon. 

One wishes to keep wearing it as it makes you feel more comfortable and at ease. Also, some jeans fit more perfectly as compared to other pairs of jeans. 

Moreover, quality jeans can’t be bought every other day. Therefore, people who are responsible for using their money efficiently also like long lasting jeans.

Apart from the personal benefits of durable jeans, long lasting jeans can also create positive results for the entire humanity as well. Jeans manufacturing consumes a lot of our resources, and these can be saved if we take care of our jeans in the best possible manner. So, if you are taking care of your denim jeans, you should also keep in mind that you are doing this for the benefit of the environment as well.

In view of this, we have conducted a thorough research, and here are some of the best working ways you can secure long lasting jeans.

Use Mild Detergent for your Jeans

Detergents are not suitable for your jeans at all. If you use a strong detergent to wash your denim jeans, even a single wash can ruin your newly bought pair of jeans. Its color, flair, and, most importantly, the fabric health will get greatly damaged.  This is also the reason why many people don’t like to wear the same jeans for another time which they bought with great enthusiasm.
Strong detergents don’t let your pair of jeans to be the same. 

Therefore, if you want your favorite pair of jeans to last longer you must make sure that you don’t use a strong or highly concentrated detergent. Instead, you should use a mild detergent for securing long lasting jeans.

A mild detergent doesn’t harm the fabric of your jeans excessively. However, it does the job of removing the stains as well as gives your favorite pair of jeans a fresh look. The original color of your jeans will also last longer with the usage of a mild detergent. 

Therefore, it is important that you believe that less is more and always use a mild detergent for durable jeans.

Wash your Jeans Inside Out

Jeans must always be washed inside out. It helps in reducing the effects of detergents on the surface of the fabric. It is a must-do thing for having a pair of durable jeans.

Don’t hard fold your Jeans

Many people keep their denim jeans in hard fold form in their closets. If you keep a pair of jeans hard folded multiple times it can create a crease on the folding area of the jeans. This crease totally ruins the style and appeal of the jeans. As a result, you don’t feel like wearing your durable jeans.

Therefore, it is advisable to always hang your jeans in your wardrobe or closet for the longevity of jeans.

Always Line Dry

Are you using a dryer to dry your durable jeans?

 If yes, you must instantly stop using it longer now. A dryer is one fierce enemy of the longevity of your jeans. It impacts its stretchability while also wrecking its fabric quality. 

Instead of a dryer, always line dry your denim jeans. This will surely help you in having a pair of durable jeans. However, you must always ensure that you don’t dry your Jeans directly under the sun.

Wash with Cold Water

 Warm water is bad for the fabric health of your long lasting jeans. It weakens the fabric, and the erstwhile durable jeans get weary very early once you purchase them. Also, warm water can alter the fit ratio of your jeans.

Therefore, whenever the need arises, wash your denim jeans with cold water only. It will significantly enhance the life of your durable jeans.

Avoid Washing your Jeans Very Often

It is true that your jeans can last longer with the use of a mild detergent instead of strong and concentrated detergents. However, you can have even more durable jeans if you avoid washing your jeans too often. Washing jeans weakens the fabric and there is always a chance that your jeans will tear at any moment. 

Also, the color of the jeans gets damaged. Jeans just do not look the same after you wash them. The unique attractiveness of jeans immediately dies down with a single wash. 

Therefore, all the reputable experts related to the jeans industry recommend that you wash your jeans as less as possible. Many suggest that you can wear your jeans for over 10 times before you should consider washing your pair of jeans. Levi Strauss and co. maintains that the unique look of denim jeans comes by wearing them for an extended period of time without washing them.  

Instead of washing your jeans, there is another way one can adopt for maintaining clean jeans. This alternative way is spot cleaning. In spot cleaning you just got to clean the target area with the help of a brush and a mild detergent. Using this method, you get stain-free jeans without the need of washing your jeans thoroughly.

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