How To Find Custom Clothing Suppliers in China

In this post, you will learn all you need to know to discover the most reliable Chinese suppliers of custom clothing.
How To Find Custom Clothing Suppliers in China

How to Find Custom Clothing Suppliers in China: In this post, you will learn all you need to know to discover the most reliable Chinese suppliers of custom clothing.

First, we’ll go through some suggestions and the greatest marketplace for locating Chinese custom clothing manufacturers and the things you should know while doing so.

Then, to assist you in finding the best Chinese custom clothing suppliers, I’ll introduce you to lists of some of the best Chinese custom clothing manufacturers and a trustworthy Chinese custom clothing website.

Finally, we’ll provide some frequently asked questions and answers from Chinese custom apparel factories.

Without further hesitation, then, let’s begin…

What are the best resources in China for sourcing custom clothing?

Expos devoted to the textile and apparel business in China and elsewhere

To a Chinese online business-to-business marketplace

Chinese intermediaries involved in sourcing and procurement

Networking using Facebook/Tiktok/Linkedin

Using Google search engine

Explore China’s B2B Marketplaces Online

How to Find Custom Clothing Suppliers in China: In addition to visiting fashion shows, Chinese e-commerce sites are another excellent resource for finding reliable garment producers in China. The most popular Chinese B2B marketplace among Chinese apparel producers is:

You may look out for clothing manufacturers on these B2B marketplaces and get in touch with them for further information; the email template I use when reaching out to Chinese garment factories is below.

Hello, [Name of Apparel manufacturers]!

Hello, my name is [your name] and I work for the firm you just mentioned.

I’m looking into purchasing some [brand name of the clothing company’s product]. The first thing I’d want to do is ask a few questions:

Inquiry: What is the MOQ?

Two, what is the minimum order quantity pricing for [name of the clothes manufacturer’s product]? If I raise the sum, what would it cost me?

Third, I was wondering if you could tell me how long the minimum order quantity-based lead time is.

Does your company support OEM service?

In order to ensure the quality of your goods, I must first obtain a sample. How much would a sample set you up with the cost, including shipping?

Where you live is: [Your address]

Many thanks,

Yes, [Your Name Here], I’m Talking to You!

A word of advice: while composing your first email, strike a balance between being brief and detailed. Every day, hundreds of spammers flood the B2B sector, inundating various vendors with unsolicited emails. Emails that appear to be spam are often disregarded by providers.

Getting a response from the clothing manufacturers requires you to compose a clear and well-structured email.

If you are looking for Chinese custom clothing suppliers, you may ask sourcing businesses to assist you in your search.

How To Find Custom Clothing Suppliers in China: Working with a sourcing company or buying office in China might help you identify qualified apparel manufacturers if you lack the necessary skills in supply chain management.

In most cases, sourcing firms and buying offices are quite competent in vetting potential suppliers. They are a great time saver when sourcing and may often help you negotiate a lower price.

Here are a few Chinese firms to start looking into sourcing from:

Drop shippers, wholesalers, and enterprises of all sizes may benefit from JUAJEANS.

Dragon Sourcing: highly recommended for corporations of all sizes

Large and medium-sized businesses are encouraged to use Imex Sourcing Services.

Top-Rated Wholesale Clothes from JUAJEANS

Inquire about anything on Google

It’s no secret how to search Google; here are some common search operators:

“search terms” + Chinese production facility

Combining “keywords” with “wholesale” and “Chinese manufacturer”

Combining “keywords” with “factory” and “China”

“keywords” + manufacturer + bulk producer + China

The bad news is that you will have to sift through a lot of pages before you notice some Chinese apparel manufacturers because so few of them pay attention to internet marketing.

Check out some of the lists of garment manufacturers in China now that you know where to look.

Make use of LinkedIn as one of the strategies you use to source information.

On LinkedIn, numerous Chinese clothing wholesalers, garment distributors, and apparel manufacturers have published their company files or introduced themselves personally. You may also contact several reputable Chinese apparel manufacturers through the website LinkedIn.

Suggestions On When Finding Custom Clothing Suppliers in China

Manufacturers of clothes may be broken down into two distinct groups: china garment makers and fabric distributors in China.

If you are familiar with the clothing supply chain and wish to go deeper in order to maintain better quality control in the garment manufacturing business, you may categorize clothing producers as either apparel manufacturers or fabric suppliers in China.

Pick wholesale apparel producers who are able to furnish proof of testing.

Several test reports or certificates are needed to export apparel to the United States, the European Union, Australia, and other nations.

When selecting an expert clothes manufacturer, prioritize those that can supply you with comprehensive certificates or testing results, such as those from SGS BV, or ITS.

Step 3: Locate the Wholesale Distributors

The first step is to classify the numerous types of B2B marketplace clothing providers, such as retailers, garment wholesalers, and apparel manufacturers.

Supplier profiles on sites like Alibaba and Global Sources might give you a sense of what they’re like to work within a pinch. A company’s function in the marketplace may be deduced by looking at its company registration documents.

Such as Weaving, dying, and printing on high-quality fabrics; making clothes; producing and processing textile items; selling and marketing said products; acquiring and exporting said products.

One can see from the license that this is an export-oriented textile fabric producer.

If the supplier’s business scope doesn’t include any mention of “production,” “manufacturing,” or a specific production technique, it’s likely that they’re only a middleman. These sellers also provide a wide range of product types as part of their business description.

Fourth, go for a garment company that has a tried and true technique for production.

A good manufacturing system, such as ISO 9001:2008, is standard equipment for many established factories. Manufacturers who have achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification are expected to consistently provide higher-quality goods than their competitors who do not.

Plus, you should prioritize clothing suppliers in China from among Chinese garment manufacturers or Chinese jeans manufacturers who have BSCI and Sedex

The Fifth step is to locate Chinese wholesale garment manufacturers that are within your company’s budget.

Don’t limit your search to only the major garment manufacturers in China. China’s major apparel factories are best for multinational corporations because of their high minimum order sizes and the fact that they are too busy serving their other, larger clients to devote much attention to the needs of startups.

Find a small or medium-sized garment manufacturer in apparel factories in China that can supply your company with high-quality items. Their minimum order requirements are modest, so you may order from them with confidence.

In addition, small and medium-sized garment manufacturers will pay more attention to servicing and supporting local companies than their larger counterparts. In this circumstance, large clothing suppliers in China will provide better service to small firms.

Okay, so we’ve had a long discussion on how to find the most reliable Chinese garment factories. Take a quick peek at some frequently asked questions within your field.

FAQs About Custom Clothing Suppliers

Who makes the nicest clothes for ladies in China?

This is not a question with a simple 1+1=2 solution. It really depends on the specifics of what you need. You’ll discover some of the greatest Chinese makers of women’s apparel among the names on my list of well-known garment producers in China and Chinese apparel factories.

How can I locate reliable Chinese garment factories?

The following are some ways to locate acceptable Chinese apparel manufacturers:

To a Chinese online business-to-business marketplace

Chinese intermediaries involved in sourcing and procurement

Networking using Linkedin

Start your Google search here

China’s Fashion Industry Trade Shows

Do you know any reliable Chinese apparel factories that you may recommend to me?

Some of the largest Chinese garment manufacturers are included in the list I just provided.

You may locate the greatest clothing manufacturers in China by following my guide, and then you can pick the proper clothes manufacturers for your business.

I can’t afford to buy in bulk; can you recommend Asian manufacturers with low minimum order quantities for clothing?

Finding Chinese garment manufacturers with a low minimum order quantity might be done through a B2B marketplace or online wholesale website.

For instance, JUAJEANS is a terrific place to begin because they have been in the clothes market for many years and have created a solid rapport with several well-known clothing companies.

Is there a recommended way to locate and get in touch with textile mills?

The following are a few suggestions for locating Chinese garment factories:

Expos devoted to the textile and apparel business in China and elsewhere

To a Chinese online business-to-business marketplace

Chinese intermediaries involved in sourcing and procurement

Networking using Linkedin

Start your Google search here

My introductory section provides further information on where to look for the most reliable Chinese clothes factories.

Are there any top-notch garment factories that I may get in touch with in Guangzhou? Have you made any connections?

You can identify the “top clothes manufacturers” if you have a company plan in place.

For certain companies, finding a cost-effective garment manufacturer is more important than ever.

Others may seek quality-focused garment producers; these buyers should choose suppliers that have both an industry certificate and experience managing a manufacturing facility.

How To Find Custom Clothing Suppliers in China: If you want to contact the “top clothes manufacturers,” you must first have a firm grasp on your business and its needs.

Now that we’ve covered the topic of Chinese apparel factories in depth, I encourage you to get into the industry ASAP; it’s a lot of fun! Also, feel free to ask any further questions you may have about discovering Chinese clothing factories in the comments section below.

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