How to select perfect denim jeans for men? 9 suggestions for you

Now many men like wearing denim jeans, bcz these denim jeans are not only casual and comfortable but also show men's charming and handsome. Therefore, men's denim jeans are a kind of clothing that never be out of fashion. There are always a few pairs of denim jeans in the wardrobe, whoever men or women. Please remember the following nine suggestions that how to select perfect denim jeans for men.
denim jeans for men

How to select perfect denim jeans for men? 9 suggestions for you: Many men like wearing jeans, but these pants are not only casual and comfortable but also show men’s charm and handsomeness. Therefore, men’s jeans are a kind of clothing that never goes out of fashion. There are always a few pairs of trousers in the wardrobe, whether for men or women. So now we, JUAJEANS give the following nine suggestions on how to select perfect denim jeans for men.

How to select suitable perfect jeans for men for your body type?

1. Man with thin legs

In order not to expose the defects of thin legs, men with thin legs can choose denim jeans with slightly wider denim trouser legs, but the denim trouser legs should not be too long, avoid rolling the denim trouser legs, and shouldn’t wear hard shoes.

2. Man with thick legs

In order to reduce the attention to the feet, men with thick legs should choose straight fit denim jeans for men with loose lines or men’s jeans with large trouser legs, wear a belt, and pay attention to the upper body clothing; However, it is not suitable to wear men denim jeans with narrow trousers or double lines on the denim trousers, so as to reduce the attention to the legs as far as possible visually.

It’s better to choose straight fit denim jeans pants with loose lines or denim jeans with large jeans trousers in dark blue or black.

3. A thin man

Thin men can also choose straight fit denim jeans for men, wear loose shirts or tees, and belts. This can show more light and elegance.

4. A man with round legs or short

Shorter men can choose straight fit denim jeans with decorative lines on the side, or choose denim jeans that gradually narrow from top to bottom, which makes legs longer.

5. A man with large hips

In order not to highlight the buttocks, you should select dark, fitted jeans. It’s better to have a pocket in front of the denim pants, and it’s better to have a horizontal line of denim jeans without a big pocket behind the pants, and denim jeans with narrow and tight denim jeans are not good, which makes the buttocks bigger.

6. A man with thin a thin butt

Men with thin hips can wear any form of jeans, but the best choice is to choose jeans with large pockets and horizontal lines behind the hips, which is more visible.

Denim jeans are a must for every man. Because for men, denim jeans are not only casual and handsome but also can cover up some of your physical defects if you select them properly. make you look better.

7. O-leg

People with O-shaped legs can choose the style of narrowing denim jeans trousers from top to bottom and use height difference and parallax to modify leg line defects.

You can also choose to step on a pair of high-top shoes on your feet or choose a lighter color design for the leg part of your denim pants. With the help of the light color visual dislocation, you can look as wide as your knees. But remember that the shoes themselves should not be too big, so as not to make the legs look distorted.

8. A man with a thick waist

Bucket waist people should choose the pants that are closest to the ancestral style of jeans. Except for denim trouser legs, the waist and buttocks are almost a square outline. Otherwise, if you shrink the waist, you will not feel comfortable and look good.

People with thick waists should try their best to reduce the decorations at the waist and generally wear fewer jeans with eye-catching leather labels at the waist and buttocks. Try to choose a top whose corner falls naturally at the mouth of the jeans pocket, which will be helpful for modifying the figure.

The wave shoes mixed with leather material are very eye-catching, which will naturally add a lot of points to your overall dress.

9. A man with fat hips

People with larger hips try to avoid the too complicated design of the back pocket or too eye-catching decoration of the car line at the back waist. In front of the pants, especially near the leg, the washing and sanding effect is stronger, which can divert the eyes.

A slightly flared denim trouser leg, or try to select denim jeans with a darker wash, which can also cover the hip circumference.

When shopping, try to select a style with a slightly longer denim jeans pants length, so that some of the pants legs are piled up in the shoes. At the same time, select shoes with a distinctive design, style, pattern, or leather splicing, which can also shift your attention away from your hips and focus on your perfect match.

How do men select denim jeans for men? What kind of denim jeans are best for men? Many men now like wearing denim jeans because they are very easy to match and easy to wear in fashion. The above 9 suggestions teach you how to select your men’s denim jeans, so how do you still remember this way?

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