Famous Denim Jeans Wholesale Market in China

As a big country of denim jeans production and consumption, China has a perfect industrial chain of denim fabric supply / denim clothing accessories / denim jeans clothing design / denim jeans clothing production / jeans wholesale sales. Today, let's talk about some famous jeans wholesale markets in China as below
China best denim jeans wholesale

Famous denim jeans wholesale market in China: as a big country in China best denim jeans wholesale production and consumption, China has a perfect industrial chain of fabric supply, clothing accessories /design /clothing production. Today, let’s talk about some famous China best denim jeans wholesale markets as below:

Xintang Denim Jeans Centre

Xintang Jeans Wholesale Centre is located in Xintang town which is well-known as the hometown of China Jeans, it has more than 2,600 clothing suppliers & manufacturers, producing 2.5 million pieces every day, accounting for 60% of the total national production, in China’s largest base of the denim apparel industry. the annual Clothing Festival is the big platform the clothing trading. Xintang international denim jeans garment-textile city, the first city of China Denim Jeans.

Guangzhou station West Foreign Trade Jeans wholesale market

Guangzhou station West Trade Jeans wholesale market, located around the railway station, is not only the source of foreign trade jeans in Guangdong but also the source of foreign trade in China. Basically, what kind of jeans do pants all have, best wholesale price is affordable, Guangzhou is the best and the most expensive jeans gathering place, and high-class denim jeans shops can come here to purchase.

Guangzhou Shisanhuang Jeans Market

Guangzhou Shisanhuang Jeans Wholesale Market mainly does plenty of jeans for women, with good quality and cheap Prix,  but men’s trousers do not have a lot of variety.

Guangzhou Shahe Denim Jeans Wholsaling Market

Guangzhou Shahe Wholesale Market, men jeans, can go to the Wanjia clothing square and Yimin clothing center, there are a lot of varieties of jean pants, women jeans mainly to the South City and North City, with cheap price and good quality. If want to get a fresh denim jeans source, want to get the most cost-effective jeans, this is the best place for you wanna come to purchase denim jeans.

Beijing Yabaolu Denim Jeans Supplier market

Yabaolu garment wholesale market there are many booths are jeans manufacturers, there are many styles shown on the booth, this market can be produced under the order, as long as you can meet their MOQ,  the wholesalers will help you produce jeans pants, so this apparel wholesale market also can face the fresh order.

Hangzhou East Station Denim Jeans Manufacturer market

Hangzhou East Station Jeans wholesale market is located in No. 92-96, West Gongshan Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang province. there is a convenient traffic environment around the market, denim jeans styles are various with cheap Prix and good quality. best purchase place for china online retailers.


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