How to start a denim business online?

How to start a denim business online? before you start a denim business online, you must think about and solve the following points
How to start a denim business online

How to start a denim business online? Nowadays, more and more young people choose to start a business, and the business itself is actually very very simple, but it is the most difficult and difficult for beginners to enter which track, and the online denim project is the lowest threshold, almost do not have deep theoretical knowledge about how to start a denim business online.

As long as you spend time, energy, and a small amount of money.

Of course, before you start a denim business online, you must think about and solve the following points:

  1. First, register a trademark for your brand, buy one domain name and build a website
  2. Research on the denim clothing market
  3. Define your products and targeted customers
  4. How to price denim products
  5. Design your denim clothing
  6. Looking for your trusted denim jeans supplier, to make, and deliver goods (understand supplier scale / MOQ / payment method, etc.)
  7. How to market a denim business?

Through the above points, you can basically make a business plan

How to start a denim business online
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For starting a denim business, Register a trademark, buy one domain name and build a website

The brand is the soul of an enterprise, the embodiment of the core value of a product enterprise, the discriminator of identifying goods, and the guarantee of quality and reputation

Brand loyalists provide profits for a long time, the brand improves marginal revenue, and the brand expands.

So you want to let more people know you and your corporate culture, and let more consumers know you to know your product, it is necessary to create a brand. it’s also necessary

The purpose of website construction, in general, is the establishment of their own website can not only bring new customers and new business to the enterprise but also greatly improve the performance of the enterprise immediately.

building a website is to provide consumers with a window to buy your products, a window for your enterprise to publicize and enhance your brand image, and a platform for you to market your products in the future. It doesn’t cost much to build a website. it’s all small money.

the most expensive places are purchasing products and marketing costs.

Study Denim Market and establish your target customers for the jeans business

If you don’t do market research at the beginning of your denim business, you may not make much money or even fail. so it is necessary to research products

There are many research methods, you can make full use of Internet tools to achieve your goals

For example, study the website of competitors and other fast fashion brands, study its product series, which product is the best seller, price range, and its new products.

You can also dig deep into Facebook’s analysis of your related product keywords, and help you quickly understand the interests of target customers.

Use google trends to analyze the market and trends of your related products. In order to help you quickly establish a product line or adjust product strategy.

For example, in the following comparison pictures, you can see women’s jeans, the denim clothing market continues to be stable and upward, while men’s denim jeans are less popular than women’s denim jeans.

Obviously, the sales volume of women’s denim jeans will be better than men’s denim clothing, so it will be easier for you to enter the women’s jeans business than men’s jeans, at least in this positive trend.

How to start a denim business online

How to price jeans for the denim business online

The price of a product includes its development cost/production cost/transportation cost/marketing cost, as well as all the costs paid around it, such as your staff salary/rent, water and electricity charges, etc…

You can’t ignore these so-called costs, otherwise, you will have a loss. the total cost plus your profit are the prices of your product.

if your denim product price is high, the sales volume will not go up, or even there will be unsalable.

If the price is low, the sales volume will go up, but the overall profit is meager.

How to price your denim jeans products. you can refer to the prices of similar products of competitors, or go to a fast fashion brand platform to check the Prix range of the related denim products

Design your denim clothing and size spec

How to design your denim products? for newbies, this big question for them. but no worries! you can go to check competitors’ websites and other fast fashion brands.

look at what your competitors are doing, what kind of denim jeans products they have, what styles they use, what denim fabrics they use, denim fabric characteristics, the fabric weight per gram, what washing effect they have, and what selling points their products have. This may be of great inspiration and help to your product design.

Warmly remind, please do not compromise on denim style design/denim fabric selection/jeans product quality, otherwise, consumers will think that you are taking a shortcut in order to save money, resulting in destruction to your brand.

For the size product, a quick way to understand the size of the product is to buy a pair of denim jeans from a competitor and study it.

or you can hire a professional garment technologist to handle this. of course, you can also ask for help from your trusted denim jeans suppliers.

after all, they are engaged in denim manufacturing and know a lot about the sizes of various denim garment types.

Finding your trusted denim jeans supplier, handling denim manufacturing, delivering denim goods (understand supplier scale / MOQ / payment method, etc.)

How to find the right supplier is very important because it directly depends on the success or failure of a series of product quality. After all, product quality is the life of the enterprise. I’ve helped you before you find a supplier

List some questions about suppliers so you can use them at any time.

  1. Supplier’s location
  2. What kind of customers do you work with and whether you have any experience with similar products?
  3. What is MOQ?
  4. How many days is the board date and delivery date
  5. What is the payment method
  6. Send some styles to it for quotation to test whether the quotation is reasonable and acceptable.

There are many ways to find a denim jeans manufacturer. The following are common methods:

Through Google search to find suppliers, Google is a great platform to quickly help people solve all kinds of questions and problems, it can give you unexpected answers. input denim product keywords + supplier or manufacturer or factory, etc…

Finding suppliers through, Alibaba is recognized as the largest supplier platform in the world.

You can find all kinds of products you want through it. Input product keywords + supplier or manufacturer or factory, etc

Of course, you can also find as your professional denim supplier.

they have been committed to the development and manufacturing of denim products, and have successfully helped nearly 1000 customers in denim manufacturing.

some of them are already million dollars sellers.

How to start a denim business online
Professional Denim Jeans Manufacturer – JUAJEANS

After finding the right manufacturer, you can quickly enter the denim sampling stage

In the sampling stage, you need to send your tech pack, size specs, and original sample to your jeans manufacturer, and let them make sampling according to your requirements. generally,

the sample lead time is 7-10 days. after the sample is approved, the quantity/price/packaging requirements/delivery date have been confirmed,

and then the contract can be issued to your denim jeans manufacturer to arrange mass production.

How to start a denim business online
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How to market denim products

When your denim manufacturer starts manufacturing your products, you can choose models to put on your denim, take commercial photos and upload them to your website and your social network. then you can basically start your marketing plan.

There are a variety of marketing methods, such as Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram, Twitter ads, and other payment channels.

through these payment channels, it can be drained to your website to achieve the purpose of the sale.

this is also a fast and direct mainstream marketing method. of course, you can also publish information and website SEO plans through your social platform.

but the speed of gaining customers in this way will be very sluggish. After all, you are here to make money, time is life,

So the best combination is paid advertising plus social midea&webisteSEO, which is to create traffic by marketing advertising on major platforms while optimizing your website SEO, so as to obtain natural traffic in the future.

You can also bring traffic to your products through some online celebrities. of course, you have to pay for it. the traffic flow is king, with the flow, there will be sales.

Remember: you have to study your strategy and make an advertising budget. Before you put in an advertisement, reasonable advertising can bring you more traffic. however, if there is no planned advertising or the target customers or time is not right, it will not only have no effect but also become very expensive

Well, I hope this article on How to start a denim business online can inspire and help you who are preparing to start a denim business online. of course, if you have better ideas and insights, you can also share them below the comment. 🙂

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