6 Most Popular & Stylish Jeans for Men

JUAJEANS recommends the following six most popular stylish jeans for men.
men's stylish skinny denim jeans

Denim jeans are around now for many years and it has led to many evolutions in how jeans can be styled. over a hundred different stylish jeans for men with varying jeans fitting and colors have sprung during this time. Some of these styles have stayed in the past such as boot-cut jeans for men, whereas some have continued to be in style even to this day such as faded jeans. Similarly, other styles are newer but are regarded as extremely popular and stylish jeans for men.

Jeans are regular wear and every man must choose stylish jeans that are not only according to the fashion of the time but also suit him as well. JUAJEANS recommends the following six most popular stylish jeans for men.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans are the most common style of jeans. It is also known as tight Jeans or Cigarette jeans. These stylish jeans are meant to be fit throughout the leg starting from the thighs right down to the ankle. Skinny jeans of this description are also called spray-on skinny jeans. These are skin-tight and resemble leggings. 

Even though this type of jeans is very fit, it still is comfortable for men as it has a stretch element added to it. A man can easily wear and remove skinny jeans very easily. Today, it is considered men’s stylish jeans. However, there is a more stylish jeans option within the skinny jeans.

This variant is known as standard skinny jeans. Although it is fit from the things yet it is a bit less fit towards the legs and ankles. It is the most stylish jeans for men these days. You can choose any type of skinny jeans according to your comfort.

Stylish Jeans for Men

You can wear skinny jeans with a T-shirt. Also, the tight-fitting of the jeans allows the footwear to be more prominent and adds to the value of footwear. You can wear any type of shoes such as sneakers or rather bigger Chelsea boots. Therefore, this pair of stylish jeans are a must for every man to have in his wardrobe.

Loose Fit Jeans

Another stylish pair of jeans for men is loose-fit jeans. It has plenty of space around the thighs. It is also known as baggy jeans. You can carry these stylish jeans fairly easily as compared to other styles of jeans. Also, if you have a big waist a loose fit of jeans will look better on you as compared to most other styles of jeans. The popularity of this particular style of jeans can be gauged from the fact that it has been frequently worn by famous TV and movie stars throughout the world. This is evidence of the popularity of loose-fit jeans for men.

Mid Rise Jeans

Mid-rise jeans are the most common type of jeans among the three types of jeans that are available for men to choose from. The three types can be categorized as low rise jeans; mid-rise jeans; and high rise jeans. The style of high-rise jeans can be preferred by a few unusually tall people for a better fitting and grip purpose according to their bigger bone structure. However, the style that is recommended and most popular among men throughout the world is mid-rise jeans. 

It stays in a perfect place on your waist. It is neither too high nor too low. The overall look of this fitting of jeans comes out as extremely stylish and comfortable for the wearer. So, whenever, you decide to go to a shop and buy a pair of jeans, remember this style advice and buy a pair of mid-rise jeans.

Tapered Jeans

You must have seen a lot of people wearing these stylish jeans. However, let’s first see what tapered jeans are defined as. Tapered jeans are a pair of jeans having wider at the thighs and fitter at the calves and ankles. These are most commonly a go-to choice for people having a bigger butt or bigger waist. However, these stylish jeans are not limited to such people only. 

Men of all physique shapes and sizes love to wear a pair of tapered Jeans. It has a unique style value and catches attention and helps you stand out from the crowd pretty easily.

Ripped or Distressed Jeans

If you are looking to have a stylish look, you can never avoid buying a pair of ripped or distressed jeans for yourself. In most casual outings, a pair of ripped jeans will give you a cool and stylish appearance. Just the look of your pants will tell immensely about your personality and style sense. Stars of different film industries are randomly spotted as wearing these stylish jeans for men on different occasions.

 The style value of distressed jeans is so high that it can be seen everywhere from high street fashion to the most esteemed as well as pompous fashion industry shows in the entire world. You will not buy a single clothing brand or store that does not have ripped jeans as part of its store collection. The reason is simple. It is the high style statement that a ripped jeans carry with them. Therefore, every man must have at least one pair of ripped jeans if he wants to have a pair of stylish jeans.

Stonewashed Or Faded Jeans

This is another popular and stylish pair of jeans for men. The idea of faded jeans or stonewashed jeans is not new at all. It became popular many years ago in the 90s. Since then, men have remained clung to this style among the different styles in denim jeans.

How it is made? Stonewashed jeans are made by treating them with a range of different chemicals. Some of the chemicals can be categorized as potassium permanganate and pumice stones. The fact that stonewashed jeans are achieved by treating them with different types of acids leads to another name for the popular and stylish jeans i.e., acid-washed jeans. After treatment, the jeans get a worn or faded look which is a distinct value of their own. These stylish jeans for men are also a must for every wardrobe.

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