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A carefully selected jeans apparel will simply enhance your overall personality. but do remember to select the best women jeans wholesaler if you wish to buy in bulk either for personal use or to gift it to others or start a business. 
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It could be that you love to wear trendy dresses and flaunt your style at parties. Jeans are an excellent choice and are available for women of all ages and body sizes. If you are above 25 years of age, you can still comfortably wear skinny jeans and enjoy getting appreciation from everyone around. There are different types of jeans easily available in the market. You just need to do some thorough research to find out which style is the most appropriate for your daily, casual, or occasional wear. This apparel can also be worn at the office and will look professional. Hence, it is a must-have in every wardrobe. You are sure to find it relevant, comfortable, stylish, and exciting while carrying it with great elegance. A carefully selected jeans apparel will simply enhance your overall personality. but do remember to select the best women jeans wholesaler if you wish to buy in bulk either for personal use or to gift it to others or start a business. 

I am too old to wear jeans?

The truth is that the current sets of jeans that are produced are not only trendy but also can fit easily and perfectly for all ages. Whatever be your age, you can simply choose a design that fits your body and preferences. Chances are that you did not find something interesting at the local store as hoped for. It is quite natural for you to get disappointed. It might also be that the only selection that is available with them has far too low waistlines. Moreover, the jeans available may have holes in several places. This is something no self-respecting woman is likely to try out when going outside their home. fortunately, styles have revolutionized over time. 

Different types of Jeans to suit the different body types

You can contact the reputed women jeans wholesaler to provide you with different types of jeans. They are as follows:

  • Skinny Crop: This type of jean terminates before your shins. A few have folds to enhance its aesthetic appeal.  The top choices in this category are distressed, black and white jeans. It is suitable mainly for those women have petite shaped body, hourglass body or those with slim legs. But those having pear or round shaped body should avoid wearing it since it will look odd on them.
  • Skinny Jeans: Such jeans are generally skin hugging. They will fit your body snugly as well as take your leg shape, tracing it along. In case you possess sexy, lean legs, then wearing this type of jean will allow you to flaunt it and earn appreciation. Skinny jeans are available in high, mid and low rise waist cuts. Generally, they are all stretchable thus being twice good. It is suitable for petite women, including those with slim legs and hourglass shaped body. But pear and round shaped body women should avoid wearing it. The well-established women jeans wholesaler can provide quality jeans at affordable rates. 
  • Jeggings: Basically, they are considered to be leggings, but in denim fabric. You should wear tops a bit below your hip. These are quite comfortable to wear. Rather than standard buttons system, it has a waist band. Pregnant ladies prefer wearing it as it does not put any pressure on their belly and also appears stylish. They also make excellent winter apparels as they can be worn easily with winter boots, thereby providing great comfort and warmth. They are available in a wide range of exciting colours and shades. If conscious about legs, then you should choose dark denim tones. It suits perfectly all body types as it takes your leg shape. 
  • Straight Leg Jeans: You may have perhaps a desire to wear jeans which hug and snug your body. However, you might not possess the kind of confidence or the body to flaunt the ‘skinnies’ or ‘super-skinnies’. In such a case, straight legged jeans are the perfect choice. Wearing them will make your legs to appear much longer. It will fit perfectly most body types due to their unique design. To know more, you can log in at https://juajeans.com/!
  • Flared Jeans: They got popular during the nineties and created a bold statement. Once again, they are in demand. This type of jeans tends to slowly open up right below the knees. It suits curvy, tall women with round or pear-shaped body. But if you are curvy and short, then avoid this apparel. 
  • Boot Cut: It was initially considered to be mommy jeans. However, women belonging to all ages started to fall in love with this jean. When compared to previous boot cut styles, the modern ones are found more tapered. This is to match the millennial trends. They flare a bit above the shins. It fits all body types and fits well while taking the wearer’s body shape. It is a wonderful choice for curvy women. You can contact Jeans supplier China to place your order and get wholesale prices. 
  • Boyfriend Jeans: They have derived this name as they appear like having been borrowed from men. With time, the fit only seemed to get much better and currently are stylish apparels that cannot be ignored. From airport to runaway looks, everyone seems to be interested to wear these apparels. It also provides a great fit close to your hip and waist area. On moving down, it broadens a bit. Curvy women should shop for boyfriend crop jeans or boyfriend jeans. It suits with apple, pear or curvy shaped body. But if you are short or petite, avoid wearing them as it will only you make you to appear shorter. 
  • Low Rise Jeans: They are best worn with short tops and are currently trending. Women having well-defined waist will look great in this fashionable outfit since it starts a bit below the belly button. It blends perfectly with super-skinny, skinny and straight design patterns. It is best worn by petite women including those with inverted triangle or hourglass shaped body. 

You can trust reliable Jeans supplier China like JUAJEANS for ordering jeans of different types.

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