How To Best Take Care Of Your Jeans?

Now, even though a lot of people own a pair of jeans, they know nothing about the care of jeans. They take the easy maintainability feature of a pair of jeans for granted and indulge in setting aside the required denim care. What does this do? This stops the masses from reaping the maximum benefits out of their Denim Jeans.

Today, everyone has at least one pair of jeans; be it a man or a woman. The reasons for such extended and continuous likeability of jeans are common. The easy maintainability, toughness and longevity, and stylish look of the pair of jeans are some of the common reasons. The fact that denim jeans get more and more comfortable over time is also its most selling feature.

Now, even though a lot of people own a pair of jeans, they know nothing about the care of jeans. They take the easy maintainability feature of a pair of jeans for granted and indulge in setting aside the required denim care. What does this do? This stops the masses from reaping the maximum benefits out of their Denim Jeans.

Here are some of the practical means concerning denim care. These measures are already tested for results and can allow a person to enjoy the best denim experience ever.

Wash Your Jeans Less

Chip Bergh, the CEO of Levis, once revealed in an interview that he did not wash his pair of jeans for over a year. This is the first piece of advice for your denim care. Mostly, people wash their denim jeans routinely with other clothes. However, denim care demands something else. Washing literally weakens the fibers of the jeans and also your jeans start to look dull.

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You should only look to wash your pair of jeans after wearing them at least 10 to 15 times. Instead, for the cleansing purpose, you can adopt other methods. For example, if you see a stain visible on your denim jeans you can you a used toothbrush and use some mild detergent on that particular area. This will help you to keep your jeans in their original color and quality. So, not washing your jeans is counter-intuitively part of the best care of jeans.

Avoid Wash Jeans Wish With Light Colored Clothes

Another practice you should adopt as part of denim care is to never wash your denim with other light-colored clothes. Always try to wash your denim separately. If you want to save time and wash it with other clothes, then, you should wash your denim with other similar clothes only. This will save the impression of the colors of clothes on each other and keep them original.

Wash Jeans With Cold Water

You should avoid using hot water for washing your jeans when needed. Hot water can weaken the fibers of your denim jeans. Also, it will make your pair of jeans shrink. So, if you have bought a pair of jeans in perfect fitting, you might become oversize for it after a few washes in hot water. Instead, always use cold water for this purpose. This will neither make your pair of jeans shrink nor expand, thus, keeping it in perfect shape as you bought it.

Wash Jeans Inside Out

When required, you must always wash your jeans inside out. It will keep the fibers of jeans towards the outside of it from direct exposure to concentrated detergents and soap. As a result, this small care of jeans will save your denim from looking damaged. Rather, it will stay new for a long period.

Air Dry

Once you are done with the washing of your denim jeans, the denim care demands that you put your denim jeans on air dry. Without any iota of doubt, a dryer is a fierce enemy of your denim jeans. It will make your denim wear and tear in much quicker times than you ever expected. It will make the fibers of your denim jeans weak and loose. As a corollary, you would not like to wear your denim jeans even though you have bought them super recently.

Dry Them Inside Out

As it was earlier advised that as part of the care of jeans you must always wash your jeans inside out. Similarly, you must always air dry your jeans inside out as well. This will save the color of your denim jeans from the wrath of the sun.

Use Mild Soap To Wash

Today, the available detergents in the market are very concentrated. These detergents can fade the color as well as destroy the fabric of your denim jeans very easily. So, as part of denim care, you must always use a good quality and mildly concentrated detergent or soap to wash your jeans.

Use Your Washing Machine At Hand Wash Setting

Without a doubt, the best practice concerning denim care requires that the denim jeans are washed with hands only. However, the tech has become so advanced today. If you are using a good-quality washing machine, you can wash your denim jeans in a hand-wash setting. Washing your denim jeans at a hand wash setting will definitely allow your pair of jeans to last longer.

Use Some Vinegar

Do all your jeans become dull after a short period? If yes, try to use some vinegar for your pair of jeans as part of denim care. You can put a cup of vinegar in a tub of cold water. And put your jeans in it. Keep your denim jeans in that solution of vinegar and cold water for around an hour. After that, take your jeans out from the tub and let them air dry. You must not be worried about the smell of the vinegar. Most of it will go away as your denim jeans will dry. However, what it will do for you is amazing. It will lock the original color of your jeans for you. Isn’t it amazing? So, the next time doesn’t forget to use some vinegar while planning to wash your denim jeans.

Folding Of The Jeans

Often, it is seen that the denim jeans carry the crease of folding on them. These creases really look bad. You can avoid this from happening to your jeans if you follow this practice as part of the care of jeans. You just have to keep folding your pair of jeans in different ways every time. Just don’t repeat a folding thrice.

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