Best China Denim Jeans Manufacturer ‘s Denim Jeans Production Process

as a premium best China denim jeans manufacturer with 10years of denim production experience, JUAJEANS will introduce a complete detailed production process
Best denim jeans manufacturer in China

Best China Denim Jeans Manufacturer ‘s Denim Jeans Production Process: Denim jeans have become An indispensable piece of clothing. how is a pair of denim jeans made?

as a premium best China denim jeans manufacturer with 10 years of denim production experience,

JUAJEANS will introduce a complete detailed production process to you, 

a pair of denim jeans need to go through several processes by the best China denim jeans manufacturer:

fabric purchasing, pattern making, sampling, fabric cutting, denim manufacturing, washing, checking&packing, and shipping. 

Preliminary Stage – Best China Denim Jeans Manufacturer’s Production Process

Every pair of denim jeans pants is designed by the designer, every detail is the designer’s hard work.

At present, most of the styles on the market are the imitation version,

when a good style of denim jeans is born, the denim jeans factory will follow this denim jeans style to be produced.

Purchasing Fabric&Accessories

Denim jeans is clothing that can be worn all year long,

so how do you distinguish between different types of denim fabric: first, depending on the thickness of the denim, there are 4.5oz,6oz, 8oz,10oz,11oz,12oz,13.5oz,14.5oz, etc. . 4.5oz is very thin,

commonly used to do summer ladies denim vest, sleeveless denim shirt, and 14.5oz is very thick,

used to do winter men’s denim jeans jacket can be. the jeans we wear most often range from 8 to 12oz. the type of denim fabric can be divided into tabby, cotton twill, herringbone, interweave, bamboo, dark,

and flocking denim fabric, etc. . from the composition, denim combing, and carding, 100% cotton, including elastic (Lycra) , cotton and linen blended, and Tencel … and PU-coated material fabric.

China jeans manufacturer
JUAJEANS – Your best China denim jeans manufacturer

Sewing thread commonly used 608 to be the surface thread, 604 to be the bottom line, the number code for the thickness of the thread, 608 after the separation of the thread is eight,

and so on the size of the line is also one of the ways to reduce costs

Pocket fabric, this fabric also is divided into many kinds, commonly used is pure cotton cloth and polyester fabric, price high and low different, 

colors have many kinds according to customer needs most commonly used for white, pocket fabric quality directly determines whether the pocket fabric will pilling and lost money phenomenon or not!

Zippers, Zippers have copper and iron, directly determine whether it will rust,

men’s commonly used 4-5 inches zippers, and women’s denim jeans used 2.5-4 inches,  so far, the well-known brand is YKK

Main label, Care label, and Size label, these labels usually are made of woven fabric. 

Snap button, Rivet, Eyelet, 

Leather patch, 


Poly-bag, a bag for each pair of denim jeans pants, generally has the Customer’s brand and the related information to play a propaganda role, commonly used for polyester bags.

Preparation for Production – Best China Denim Jeans Manufacturer’s Production Process

Denim fabric shrinkage testing

Normal denim fabric will also have 2%-3% horizontal shrinkage,

and elastic denim fabric shrinkage can reach more than 10%,

as each roll of denim fabric will have a little bit of shrinkage, we need to know what’s the denim fabric shrinkage before the denim jeans production proceeds,

this is a really really important thing for us, also denim pattern masters must understand the thing.


Denim pattern master start drawing denim jeans pattern according to the denim fabric shrinkage,

there are manual and CAD two ways in drawing pattern, generally using special white paper and Kraft paper, according to the design or the original sample to sample proceeding, 

after the sample master start sampling, will start to washing samples according to the picture or the requirements of the designer,

if these samples got approval by customers or designers. then will proceed with denim jeans production.

Production Proceeding – Best China Private Label Denim Jeans Factory’s Production Process

Denim fabric inspection

The Best Denim jeans supplier in China will use an automatic checking machine for denim fabric inspection,

not only to check denim fabric numbers, also to inspect denim fabric defects,

get these defects out of it before denim fabric cutting.

Denim fabric cutting

After denim fabric inspection, we put these denim fabric bulks on the cutting board for cutting. 

The master will use the electronic scissor for fabric cutting according to the denim jeans pattern.

and then all the cutting panels are numbered for avoiding the phenomenon of color difference.

Cutting panels get into the denim jeans production workshop

The cutting room will send a guy for delivering denim panels to the production workshop,

production department arrange the meeting about the production schedule/stitching technic/inline quality checking before denim jeans bulk production.

Denim jeans washing – Your Branded Denim Jeans Manufacturer’s Production Process

denim jeans washingroom JUAJEANS China denim jeans provider
Your reliable denim jeans manufacturer in China – JUAJEANS

The stitching process is finished, and we send the denim jeans bulks to the washing room for washing.

Regarding washing ways, There are many kinds of washing ways as below:

  Normal wash, Stone wash, Enzyme wash, Acid wash, Garment dye, Bleach wash, etc…

Hand craftsmanship as below:

  Ripped, Distressed, Whispering, Monkey wash, Splashing, hand-brushing, wrinkle, etc…

Quality checking&Packing – Reliable Denim Jeans Wholesaler’s Production Process

After the denim jeans washing process, the denim jeans bulks were sent to the packing room for quality checking and packing.

Cutting long threads this way will be convenient for quality checking.

Chinese denim jeans factory
cut and sew denim jeans factory in China – JUAJEANS

Stitching leather patch

Stitching leather patches on the right side of the denim jeans waistband.

Punching button and rivets

Punching button and rivets on the denim jeans

Ironing the denim jeans

Make sure denim jeans are clean and flat. Easy for denim jeans folding and packing

Quality checking

Mainly checking threads, stains, dirt, color shades, and poor stitching, make sure denim jeans are high quality. 

Packing the denim jeans in bulk

China denim jeans supplier
Denim Jeans Packing from Best China denim jeans supplier

Packing workers put the hanging tag/waist tag/size label on the denim jeans, size separating and denim jeans folding, then put the denim jeans into poly bag, and get into carton. 

Get these denim jeans bulk cartons into the warehouse,

the production merchandiser will make a packing list and submit it to the customer for approval.

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