Why Ripped Jeans For Women Are So Desirable In 2021?

Ripped jeans for women look extremely stylish. In fact, distressed skinny jeans for women carry a unique style of their own along with them.
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Today, there are dozens of types of jeans that are available in the market for women. Each pair of jeans has its own market demand. But ripped jeans for women have their own separate fan base. Although ripped jeans for women came way after the normal denim jeans came, yet these are the most desirable type of jeans for women. 

Ripped jeans are pants that are torn and distressed from different parts. There is no random tearing of the pair of jeans involved here. rather, it is done in a calculated manner. 

Introduction of Ripped Jeans for Women into the scene

The primary aim of jeans was to provide a pair of trousers to the working class or laborers that is durable and does not tear very easily. The dark blue color was also a strategic move to stop the stains from showing.

Jeans became excessively popular in the world in a very short time. The spread of jeans was so fast that it reached all classes from bottom to top. Not only the working class but also the people from the middle and affluent class started to wear jeans as a fashion garment.

The entry of ladies’ ripped denim jeans was later in the scene. Initially, ripped jeans were seen with literal eyes and understanding. Most jeans that were ripped were so because of overuse by workers. Similarly, ripped jeans also got the name when they were used as a movement against a capitalist mindset and system.

The majority of the female stars in Hollywood and other film industries wore damaged denim jeans or distressed skinny jeans in such a way that it became a popular trend. The fading of the strength of this popularity of ripped jeans is not in sight anytime soon.

In 2021, ladies ripped jeans have surfaced as the best jeans for ladies. Here are the major reasons behind their recent desirability:

Worn by stars

Ripped jeans for women are trendy and desirable as these are excessively worn by stars around the world. Kim Kardashian, Kate Beckinsale, Gig Hadid, and all other female stars have worn it and carried the style of ripped jeans perfectly.

This has led all the women to jump the bandwagon and wear ripped or distressed jeans when they go out.

Looks stylish

Ripped jeans for women look extremely stylish. In fact, distressed skinny jeans for women carry a unique style of their own along with them. One can easily form an opinion about a girl who is wearing ripped jeans that she is stylish. only confident, independent women can carry a ripped jeans

There are different methods of ripping jeans. For example, there are holes, scrapes, and shred. 

Holes are simply made by cutting right through the jeans but the mastery is to make sure that what size of a hole into jeans is perfect for it. In scrape, the surface of the denim jeans is made a little worn off. Similarly, in a shred, a pair of jeans is torn in such a way that the threads over the hole remain intact.

 Ripped jeans designers use one or a combination of these methods in order to make a good ripped jeans style. It takes a lot of effort and delicacy in work by the designers. This is why ripped jeans for women are expensive as compared to normal pairs of jeans. Nonetheless, their style value is unparalleled.

Catches attention as the wearer stands out from the crowd

If you are wearing the right pair of ripped jeans, it will help you stand out from the crowd. Only confident women can carry and wear ripped skinny jeans perfectly. When you go to a casual party or an outing, wearing a pair of hot ripped jeans skinny is a perfect idea as it will give you an amazing look. 

Wearing damaged jeans is nothing less than a public statement that you do what you like to do. No one can keep your chains and you as women are free to choose for yourself. It gives an iconoclastic and bohemian look to the wearer, which is not very common. Resultantly, this rare look and personality aura helps you shine the most as a woman.

Flawless and Expertly Crafted Distressed Jeans

How ripped jeans are made today is a major reason behind their popularity and desirability.

Some people think that ripped jeans are just randomly torn jeans. However, this is not the case. Today, ripped jeans for ladies are designed and made in a highly sophisticated manner. There is a complete science behind their making. Best ripped jeans for women are hand-torn. These are torn by the experts in a neat way and with respect to an attractive design. Mostly ripped jeans for women are torn from thighs and knees. Jeans are ripped or torn horizontally instead of being torn vertically. The vertical ripping of jeans is avoided as it can spoil the whole pair of jeans.

Today, as the demand for distressed pairs of jeans for women has increased manifold, technology is also made use of while making ripped skinny jeans for ladies. 

In this, pair of jeans are installed on an iron frame and then the jeans are ripped or distressed with the help of laser technology. It is a faster method of making ripped jeans for women that too of good quality. This helps in meeting the mass demand for distressed jeans for women while also facilitating the provision of best-ripped jeans for women.

It won’t be wrong to say that Ripped skinny jeans for ladies are a type of jeans that has exceptional reception among women. It would also be right to categorize ripped jeans ladies as the best jeans for women as it captures a major economic share of the jeans market as of now. In 2021, the desirability of ripped or distressed jeans has achieved such heights that every woman who understands fashion and trends has at least one ripped pair of jeans in her wardrobe.

 So, what are you waiting for!

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